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Looking for more choices for food and beverages for your employees?

Micro-Markets allow employers to offer a wide variety of options without cost to the organization.  Imagine having a mini-market in your employee breakroom.  Employees have the opportunity to select frozen foods, chilled fresh foods, beverages of all shapes and sizes and a large selection of candies and snacks.  The open shelving and coolers allow customers can hold and examine the product and read nutritional information before making their purchase. 

How does it work?

The self-service kiosk allows customers to pay for their own purchases.  Much like a self-checkout.  With several payment options available, the customer isn’t limited to paying with cash or coins.  With just a few taps of the screen, the customer has paid for all of their items – no more paying for items out of multiple machines. 

The open coolers and shelving allows us to provide non-traditional vending items such as meal entrees, fruit, salads, frozen pizzas and more.  No more worrying about odd shaped items getting hung up in the vending machine.  Micro-Markets reduce the need for constant service and the kiosk software provide live reporting to helps us keep your Micro-Market fully stocked.

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